Tired of getting your account banned?
Bot safely with RSBot2007; We offer over 60 scripts that are safe to use on any account. Unsafe scripts are automatically removed from the repository. Use Adaptive anti-ban features to personalize reflective human behavior.


  • AI Bot

    Real human reaction timing, humanlike camera-, mouse movements. Unique human bot profile for each client user.

  • Professional Scripts

    Scripts are developed using strict guidelines to prevent detection. After being reviewed the script will become available.

  • Ban Prevention

    The ban preventer counts script related bans, and will automatically terminate and remove unsafe scripts.

  • Human break-profiles

    Customizable break-profiles to reflect your gaming behavior, automatically implemented to prevent detection.

  • Tabbed botting

    Use only one client to bot multiple accounts.

  • Proxy support

    Socks 4/5 proxies are supported.


Only reviewed scripts that are 100% safe are added to the repository.

  • 7 Developers
  • 60+ Scripts
  • 16 Categories

Top 10 scripts

  • Combat Legend [AIO]by Fourgaver

    Killing black unicorns
    Killing brine rats
    Killing cave horrors
    Killing cave slime
    Killing chaos druids
    Killing chickens
    Killing desert goats
    Killing ents
    Killing fire giants
    Killing hobgoblins
    Killing ice troll runts
    Avarage profit: 11K - 367K per hour.

  • Kygo's Potion Master Proby Kygo

    Making avantoe potions
    Making dwarf weed potions
    Making irit potions
    Making kwuarm potions
    Making lantadyme potions
    Making ranarr potions
    Making snapdragon potions
    Making toadflax potions
    Making weapon poison++
    Avarage profit: -311K - 522K per hour.

  • Ultimate Dragon [AIO]by Fourgaver

    Killing King Black Dragon
    Killing black dragons
    Killing blue dragons
    Killing brutal black dragons
    Killing brutal green dragons
    Killing green dragons
    Killing lava dragons
    Killing mithril dragons
    Killing red dragons
    Avarage profit: 34K - 806K per hour.

  • AIOsmither Ultimateby Fourgaver

    Smithing adamantite bars at Blast Furnace
    Smithing cannonballs
    Smithing iron bars
    Smithing iron bars at Blast Furnace
    Smithing iron knives
    Smithing mithril bars at Blast Furnace
    Smithing runite bars at Blast Furnace
    Smithing steel bars at Blast Furnace
    Avarage profit: 77K - 570K per hour.

  • dexRunecrafterby dex

    Crafting astral runes
    Crafting blood runes
    Crafting cosmic runes
    Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss
    Crafting death runes through the Abyss
    Crafting law runes through the Abyss
    Crafting nature runes through the Abyss
    Crafting soul runes
    Avarage profit: 227K - 1193K per hour.

  • Kygo's Master Cleanerby Kygo

    Cleaning grimy dwarf weed
    Cleaning grimy irit leaves
    Cleaning grimy kwuarm
    Cleaning grimy lantadyme
    Cleaning grimy ranarr weed
    Cleaning grimy snapdragon
    Cleaning grimy toadflax
    Cleaning grimy torstol
    Avarage profit: -190K - 550K per hour.

  • Shadow Miner 2007by OSShadow

    Mining adamantite ore
    Mining coal
    Mining gemstone
    Mining gold
    Mining iron ore
    Mining pure essence
    Mining rune essence
    Mining runite ore
    Avarage profit: 4K - 453K per hour.

  • dexSlayer [AIO]by Fourgaver

    Killing skeletal wyverns
    Killing skogres and zogres
    Killing snakes
    Killing spiritual mages
    Killing tree spirits
    Killing unicows
    Avarage profit: 73K - 500K per hour.

  • Ent Fletcher Proby RSO

    Fletching diamond bolts
    Fletching headless arrows
    Fletching ruby bolts
    Fletching unstrung maple longbows
    Fletching unstrung yew longbows
    Fletching yew longbows
    Avarage profit: 40K - 486K per hour.

  • 2007 Master Fisherby RSO

    Catching anglerfish
    Catching lobsters
    Catching monkfish
    Catching sacred eels
    Catching sharks
    Avarage profit: 56K - 218K per hour.

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